Why Work Online?


This might be a strange title to this blog Why Work Online, but some many people around the global are looking for ways to make money online, is this possible?

Well it is not that easy has one might think, even if you have a great produce or business you still need hits to your site so you can get those who want your produce or service can buy or simply read what you have to offer.

People who specialize in online business know there is an evolving toolbox of internet-specific marketing strategies that can be used to earn customers and to generate profits. Some of these strategies, such as e-mail marketing, rely upon tried-and-true tactics of reaching customers and drawing in business. Others, such as Search Engine Optimization, are entirely new creations that would not exist without the internet.

To have a successful home-based marketing business, it’s also essential to have the latest marketing toolbox at your fingertips. Luckily, many of these tools are free and easy to use through your web browser. Google provides many important services, including Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Insights, and Google’s advanced keyword generation tool. These tools are easy to learn through Google’s own help documents.

If you have a talent for writing and an ear for what people are interesting in reading, starting a blog may me the perfect way for you to earn at least some supplementary income. Only a lucky few are able to earn a full income from blogging, but you never know. With talent, hard work, and a little bit of luck, you could be one of the lucky few, this is what I am doing writing blog on these many topic that most people need to know to work online.

I have many different websites that I promote to make a living online, it’s up to you how much you make online, here are some of those sites.

Fast Cash Mega

Capitol Gaming

48hr Cash Machine

Australian Business Contact

That Free Thing


So take the time to look around.

Before you go any further, decide on your target market.  Whether you plan to sell goods or services, you need to find out who will buy them.  Yes, even before you decide on what to sell.  After all, you won’t be selling much if no one’s buying.

Once you know your target market, decide on your first product or service and get it ready for sale.  Check out the articles about product creation or affiliate marketing to find out how to do that.

Consider Getting A Coach Or A Mentor


Fast Cash Mega


Fast Cash Mega is based on passive income but if you decide to recruit you can earn a lot with the 1up system, 3 tier referral commissions and referral cycle bonuses.


Just imagine you sign up a referral and that referral then pass up their first upgraded referral to you so you earn instantly then because only upgraded referrals can be passed up and only upgraded members can receive passed up referrals. So that passed up referral earned you but then that passed up referral has to pass up their first upgraded referral to you too. This goes on to infinity.

Every time you get a passed up referral that passed up referral will have to pass up their first upgraded referral to you too. You’ll earn instantly from that referral at that moment and in the future when that referral purchases more spots but what’s even more amazing is the fact you’ll earn 3 levels deep so most of your passed up referrals are going to want to get their referrals too of course to benefit from the 1up system so as their downline grows your income grows with it because you get referral commissions 3 levels deep.

On level 1 (direct referrals) you’ll earn 5% (is 10% during pre-launch) on new purchases and repurchases, on level 2 you’ll earn 3% on new purchases and on level 3 you’ll earn 2% on new purchases. So on level 2 and level 3 you’ll only earn from new purchases.

Those commissions can add up very quickly because every time a direct (level 1) referral cycles out a line, a new position is bought in the next line by the “overflow system” so you’ll earn referral commissions from that since that counts as repurchases. The referral commission is a percentage of the cost of a position so if a direct referral buys a position in the $5,000 line you’ll earn $500 during pre-launch. Next to that you also get the referral cycle bonus (10% of the cost of a position) in the lines $160 to $5,000 when your referrals cycle out one of those lines and you have a position in that line. That’s just commissions, we’re not even talking about how much you can earn from the positions you have in the lines.

About 50% of the purchases and repurchases of your direct referrals (level 1) is used to cycle out your position if you have a position in that line. What you can do is contact your referrals and tell them they get 50% (or whatever you want) of the commission you earn if they buy a spot in the line you have a spot in. This will speed up your cycles big time. You can pay your referrals through the internal funds transfer feature that’s available so there are no processor fees.

For your referrals it’s nice extra money next to earnings from the spots they buy. Especially with the 10% referral commissions on level 1 referrals till official launch (scheduled for February 1).

Fast Cash Mega

This strategy next to creating pools to buy positions in the higher lines can really boost up your earnings big time, especially since the 1up system will build your downline on auto pilot. All passed up referrals will be your level 1 referrals so you can offer all of them your special deal. Try to imagine how this will work out (if you use this strategy) and you’ll see the money is right in front of you, all you have to do is grab it (meaning have your referrals buy their positions in the lines you have your positions in).

Fast Cash Mega is a combination of the best proven money making systems, all in one program.

Fast Cash Mega consists of:
- 1UP System
- 10 Straight Line Cyclers
- Revenue Sharing
- Referral Cycle Bonuses
- 3 Tier Referral Commissions
- Advertising
- Internal Funds Transfer






Fast Cash Mega is based on passive income. The 10 straight line cyclers are the core of the system. The 10 lines are:

$10 line
$20 line
$40 line
$80 line
$160 line
$320 line
$640 line
$1,250 line
$2,500 line
$5,000 line

Every line pays 300% per position when you cycle out. To make sure everyone will reach that 300% as soon as possible, positions are filled in 3 ways:

Members can buy positions in any of the 10 lines directly and the “overflow” system will pick it up from there (overflow to the next line). Only in the last line (the $5,000 line) there is now overflow possible because there is no next line so the full $15,000 will be added to available balance.


Every position you buy is actually a purchase of advertising so that makes this system 100% legal. For every $10 you’ll receive 1,000 advertising credits so in the $10 line you’ll receive 1,000 credits, in the $20 line 2,000 credits and so on up to 500,000 credits in the $5,000 line.

You can use these credits for banner ads (125×125 banners and 468×60 banners) and/or text ads to promote your program, business or whatever you want to promote as long as it’s no porn, hatred or racist content.

It’s a great way to get the word out because your ads will be all over the site so they will get a lot of exposure to earn you even more next to the big earnings from our system.


Fast Cash Online – Is it Possible?

Update On Fast Cash Mega

This is the most amazing system I have ever seen.
An investment of only $10 will ultimately pay you
$20,010 !
It’s pure genious.
The system automatically propels you up through the
All you need to do is to signup and invest.
GET IN ASAP ! Enjoy Your Cash

affiliate marketing


So were do we start when it come to affiliate marketing it can take some work so let have a closer look.To take part in affiliate marketing, it’s best to know something about basic web marketing, content development, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

1. Find a niche.

2. Create a domain name and find a host. 

3. Find an email service.

4. Give your website a professional appearance.

5. Market your website. 

6. Sign up for affiliate marketing programs. 

Out of all the people who have made a go at affiliate marketing, the vast majority have met little more than disappointment, so why is that the case? Even though you may have great expectations and you may have seen or heard how many have made good money doing affiliate marketing, so why the disappointment, while having a website or an affiliate website what Niche do you want to market to? Find something you like to market or you maybe a good at there are literally thousands of possibilities, so choose carefully. There are many  affiliate programs you can join to look for products to advertise.


Reconsider your niche: If your affiliate marketing website happens to be in a niche where you have no expertise, this will make it very difficult for you to create quality content to promote your site. If this applies to you, why not consider recasting your niche to an area where you’ll be capable of generating lots of good content yourself? Once you get a little practice, you’ll find that writing about topics that interest you is fun and not that difficult.


Soul Amnesia


This is an interesting website, Soul Amnesia is some what a strange name for a title or heading, so were do we start to understand what we have here,well quantum healing art is just quantum physics so what has Soul Amnesia got to do with art? or quantum physics. Lets look at this a bit closer to get a better understanding, this is all about vibrational art at it’s best.

The art carries it own specific resonance which is the most highest expression of cosmic knowingness, the art work carries  codes that our soul recognizes, the soul see the art and understands it has language,so this is were they get the name Soul Amnesia   we do not really talk with our soul mainly because we are in time and the soul is in none time.

The best way to understand is to take a look at Soul Amnesia website.


Has you can see  the art work is in black and white, this is important so the soul looking at it  can read it in black and white, in 3D we have color which is is a different time line… to better understand  quantum healing art   go to the gallery on the website and wait for the Fons  sound to appear and look at the art work you will see what I mean, you start to connect this is a major step forward in your spiritual journey, relax and enjoy.


Lotteries World Wide



Most people buy lottery tickets in the country they live, now imagine having the opportunity to buy into major Lotteries World Wide,well now you can… if you have a sports club or charity you can also make the club or organization some money.


You could win up to a minimum

1st Division prize pool of:


or a maximum 1st Division prize pool of:


(One Billion Dollars!)


7 Lottery Draws for $15 a week

This means that each week you will have SEVEN entries in SEVEN of the world’s leading lotteries for just  FIFTEEN  DOLLARS giving you better chances of winning as your investment is not just in one game. You can enter alone or put together your own syndicate of family and friends – in fact there is NO LIMIT to the number of syndicates you can have.

For FIFTEEN  DOLLARS per week you get one entry in  first class lotteries such as  … Euro Millions, American Powerball (Hoosier),Mega Millions, Italian Lottery, Japanese Jumbo Draw and more! All lotteries are drawn within a week of your entry.

You could win up to a total minimum 1st Division prize pool of over US$175,000,000or total maximum 1st Division prize pools up for 1 week over US$1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars)


To maximize your investment you should consider the MONTHLY strategy which gives you an incredible SEVENTY FOUR chances of winning in ONE or MORE of the best lottery games in the world! Don’t forget that the more syndicates you have the more chances you will have of WINNING!

When you enter the monthly strategy you have 74 chances of winning up to One Billion Dollars including a weekly entry in the mammoth Japan Jumbo Draw!

$99gives you 74 entries during one calendar month in the Euro Millions, American Powerball (Hoosier), Mega Millions, Italian Lottery, and the Japan Jumbo Draw.

You could win up to a total minimum 1st Division prize pool of over US$175,000,000 or total maximum 1st Division prize pools up for 1 week over US$1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars)

One Billion Dollars doesn’t sound like much when you say it quickly but it actually represents 1,000,000,000 dollars – yes ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS - now that’s a lot! Of course not many people win one billion dollars but it is possible. The odds of winning ONE MILLION are far greater!



Lotteries World Wide

Is a great Work From Home business

Let’s face it, would you really care about next week’s rent, bills or mortgage payment if you had a MILLION DOLLARS CASH – of course not…and that’s why winning through playing the lottery is still the most popular way people see themselves becoming rich. And right now you have the chance to play the World’s most popular and easiest to Win lotteries.  This year a couple from Largs in Scotland won an incredible One Hundred and Eight five Million Euros!  They had a ticket

Lotteries World Wide

Take look around Capitol Gaming Online Site

Also check out Super Exotics Betting


Check Out Capitol Gaming Online

Great work from home business

Capitol Gaming is now adding 50 Clubs to our binary this is the on going plan and vision of this program, these clubs will add so much movement to our members binary it’s going to be a wild ride in 2012.

We now have over 2000 clubs with expressions of interest,and more being added daily.




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